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David Adelani

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About me

I am a PhD Student at the Spoken Language Systems group and a member of the Saarbrücken Graduate School of Computer Science at the Saarland Informatics Campus . My advisor is Prof. Dr. Dietrich Klakow and I am working on privacy-respecting dialog systems funded by the COMPRISE (Cost-effective, Multilingual, Privacy-driven voice-enabled Services) project.


- Our paper "Transfer Learning and Distant Supervision for Multilingual Transformer Models: A Study on African Languages (with Michael A. Hedderich, Dawei Zhu, Jesujoba O. Alabi, Udia Markus, and Dietrich Klakow) has been accepted at EMNLP 2020 (short paper) (15.09.2020)

- Our paper "Estimating Community Feedback Effect on Topic Choice in Social Media with Predictive Modeling (with Ryota Kobayashi and Ingmar Weber and Przemyslaw A. Grabowicz) has been accepted at EPJ Data Science Journal 2020 (03.08.2020)

- Our paper "Privacy Guarantees for De-identifying Text Transformations (with Ali Davody, Thomas Kleinbauer and Dietrich Klakow) has been accepted at Interspeech 2020 (24.07.2020)

- Our paper "Investigating the Impact of Pre-trained Word Embeddings on Memorization in Neural Networks (with Aleena Thomas, Ali Davody, Aditya Mogadala, and Dietrich Klakow) has been accepted at the 23rd International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2020) (05.06.2020)

- Our paper "Distant Supervision and Noisy Label Learning for Low Resource Named Entity Recognition: A Study on Hausa and Yorùbá (with Michael A. Hedderich, Dawei Zhu, Esther van den Berg, Dietrich Klakow) has been accepted at the Practical ML for Developing Countries Workshop at ICLR 2020 (02.03.2020)

- Our paper "Improving Yorùbá Diacritic Restoration" (with Iroro Orife, Timi Fasubaa, Victor Williamson, Wuraola Fisayo Oyewusi, Ọlámilékan Wahab, Kọ́lá Túbọ̀sún ) has been accepted at the AfricaNLP Workshop at ICLR 2020 (02.03.2020)

- Our paper "Unsupervised Pidgin Text Generation By Pivoting English Data and Self-Training" (with Ernie Chang, Xiaoyu Shen, Vera Demberg) ) has been accepted at the AfricaNLP Workshop at ICLR 2020 (02.03.2020)

- Our paper "Massive vs. Curated Word Embeddings for Low-Resourced Languages. The Case of Yorùbá and Twi (with Jesujoba O. Alabi, Kwabena Amponsah-Kaakyire, and Cristina España-Bonet) has been accepted at the 12th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2020) (11.02.2020)

- Our paper "Generating Sentiment-Preserving Fake Online Reviews Using Neural Language Models and Their Human- and Machine-based Detection (with Haotian Mai, Fuming Fang, Huy H. Nguyen, Junichi Yamagishi, and Isao Echizen) has been accepted at the 34-th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2020) (22.01.2020)

- Attended PRAIRIE AI summer school @Paris, great experience, thank you PR[AI]RIE! (October 3 - 5, 2019)

- Our First COMPRISE delivarable with partners from INRIA and USAAR: "Baseline speech and text transformation and model learning library is out (30.08.2019)

- Attended Google NLP Summit @Zürich, great experience, thank you Google! (June 24 - 26, 2019)

- Our paper "Demographic Inference and Representative Population Estimates from Multilingual Social Media Data" (with Zijian Wang, Scott Hale, Przemyslaw Grabowicz, Timo Hartmann, Fabian Flöck and David Jurgens) has been accepted at the Web Conference 2019 (21.01.2019)

Research interests

- Natural language processing (NLP)

- Privacy-preserving machine learning

- Differential privacy

- NLP for low resource languages (e.g Yorùbá)

- Neural machine translation and

- Computational social science

More information

I have an MSc in Computer Science from the African University of Science and Technology, Abuja and a BSc in Computer Science from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. For more, see my [C.V] .

Favourite Quote: "Anything you find your hands doing, do it with all your might" (since 2006)